My name is Arun Ravindran. I am a techie, father and an open source enthusiast in Bangalore, India. I work in Unisys as a Solutions and Portfolio Manager. Please check my Resume for more details.

There are two kinds of RSS/Atom feed for this site. One for the whole site and other topic-specific feeds with just python posts and django posts.

If you would like to get in touch with me, please message me on twitter.


This is probably the fifth redesign (or more, I have frankly lost count) of ArunRocks. Pelican has replaced Jekyll as my static blogging engine of choice. The design is minimalist and content focused. The teacup in the logo is just my favourite beverage.


This site was hand-coded in readable HTML5 markup. Seriously, just check the source! All blog posts are written using Markdown, and then Jekyll converts it into a static site. The site source code has been open sourced. All custom fonts are from Google Fonts. Headings use the Oswald font by Vernon Adams. The drawings and mockups were created in Inkscape and later exported to Gimp. Header animation was created using CSS3.

Hi! Welcome to ArunRocks, an odd collection of writeups on programming, travel, gadgets and practically anything under the sun. This state of affairs could be blamed on the ecelectic interests of your host, Arun Ravindran. He loves programming in several languages especially Python. He is currently a developer member of the Django Software Foundation. Read more...