My Talks

I have given numerous talks at various conferences and events over a wide variety of topics. Here is an attempt to list them in one place. If you wish to contact me, please reach me on twitter

Django: Beyond Basics

PyCon India 2013


This talk tries to bridge that gap from a beginner to a real world web-app builder. Learn Django best practices, tips and anti-patterns in this fun and informative session.

Django Design Patterns

Pycon India 2014


This talk takes you through several well known design patterns to improve your Django code. Covers some real design challenges when an application evolves such as refactoring legacy code and APIs.

Laying out your Django projects - Promises and Pitfalls

Pycon India 2015


This talk is a guided tour sprinkled with acquired wisdom from several real-life Django web applications, both good and bad. It also covers the my experiences of creating Django Edge, an open source Django project template