5 gifts to get from your friends in USA

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From an Indian perspective, it will be very hard these days to think of a product which is not available in India. Be it gadgets or books, there are the several websites where one can order imported goods online.

I had earlier sought suggestions for things to buy from USA which is not easily available in India. After much research, I realised that most of the things in USA are made in China. Well, no surprises there :). After some more serious research, I was able to come up with some items which are not easily available in India, yet have a really good value for money.

This was 6 months ago. Fast forward to the present and the goodies bag have finally arrived. Let me list down it’s contents:

  • Leatherman Skeletools CX : One of the lightest multi-tools having a knife, wire cutter, universal bit driver (screwdriver) and bottle opener that fits your pocket. Has 25 years warranty

  • Stylus pro: Lightweight ultra-bright pen flashlight made of aircraft aluminium. Uses normal AAA batteries.

  • Board games (Pandemic, Carcassone, San Juan): Some of the most innovative and educational games ever developed for children and adults alike are not computer games but Board games. These three are probably the highest rated (at least two-player) and best value for money I could find.

  • Pound of Dice 100 Pieces: Are you into RPG games? Need a 20 or 30 sided dice? This might be the cheapest way to get a decent collection of dice. You will never be short of dice anymore.

  • Dragon Shield 100 Sleeves : This is for those innovative card games that one might design one day. Need sleeves for your freshly cut card printouts? Look no further.

It is an eclectic collection, matching my tastes; but I hope there is something for most people here.

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