Building a blog in 30 mins with Django (Screencast)

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Just uploaded a quick screencast showing how to build a blog in Django in just 30 minutes (plus a couple of seconds :) ). It shows off a lot of new features that we have in Django since 1.2.

It basically covers:

  • Using django.contrib.admin to create fully-featured admin pages
  • Adding tags to posts easily using taggit app
  • Class-based generic views for rapidly building pages (New in Django 1.3)
  • Using template inheritance and filters
  • Leveraging django.contrib.syndication for a simple feed

Building a blog in 30 mins with Django - Screencast

It is best to watch it directly at Youtube in HD. This was my first screencast so I apologize if something is not properly done.

I plan to add a short bonus video soon demonstrating how this bare-bones blog can be restyled into a modern-looking HTML5 site (UPDATE: Bonus video is up now).

UPDATE: The source code for the created project has been uploaded to github

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Arun Ravindran

Arun is the author of "Django Design Patterns and Best Practices". Works as a Product Manager at Google. Avid open source enthusiast. Keen on Python. Loves to help people learn technology. Find out more about Arun on the about page.

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