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We lead life like Batteries. We give out our best everyday. We push our limits harder and harder. We absorb. We respond. We re-absorb. We win. We perish. We dance in the motions of a rhythm we call Life. Yet somewhere that very thing is forgotten - Life.

We lead such pumped up lives that eventually we are maxed out. We badly need a recharge. We badly need that long overdue vacation. I had mine last weekend. It was an getaway to Munnar in Kerala. Though it was not my first trip, it was more special with my family. Climbing those long winding roads along the misty slopes covered with tea plantations, you find a place where you can finally recharge. And thank god for that! :)

Munnar, if you haven’t been there before, is a very different experience from, say Ooty. It has not yet been a victim of heavy tourist commercialisation where every pore of its surface has been clogged with teeming mercenaries. It still retains some of its pristine virginal green meadows and tall imposing eucalyptus trees. Even in this off-season, its lush green freshness practically invites you to spend many idyllic evenings sipping hot garden fresh tea.

Kavya was literally on her toes all the time. With her newly gained ability to balance on her own, she has successfully crossed from a limited 2D experience to a full fledged 3D experience, as its fashionable to say these days. Her shriek expressing sheer happiness sometimes crosses into the ultrasonic barrier and is quite effective in confusing bats. Her greatest weapon is of course her oh-I’m-so-sorry smile, to which even the most stone cold hearts turn into putty in mere seconds.

We all returned with memorable moments and saturated cameras (which seem to have more memory than us these days).

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