Endhiran (Robot) Spoilers

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I have some semi-informed notions of the Endhiran storyline and even the climax. Don’t worry, the boot-leg copies of the film are not yet out and these are just speculations. However, I have more than 2 decades of film-watching and popcorn-munching experience to back on. My guesses are:

Still from Endhiran

  • Rajini’s dual roles will be as a scientist and the robot which he will build in his own image.

  • The robot become ‘self aware’ and will download and assimilate entire Indian history post independence in a scene with jazzy graphics and the camera rotating around the robot Rajini’s face. It will develop stronger moral absolutes compared to the scientist. It will understand through it’s AI brain that the root of India’s problem is… wait for it… Corruption

  • The scientist realises that his creation has created enemies out of his corporate sponsors who want it to be shut down. He turns ‘villian’.

  • Meanwhile, Aish the evergreen teeny-bopper develops a crush on the scientist Rajini. However, the scientist being a ‘nerd’ doesn’t have any such feelings towards her.

  • One fine morning, Aish meets the Robot and mistakes him to be the scientist himself. The robot too develops a special ‘emotional’ attachment towards her. Soon, sparks start flying (… literally).

  • The robot’s vigilante actions soon attracts national attention and he is feared and praised for his actions. This leads to climax where a major boss-battle with blinding computer graphics take place.

  • The real climax - Aish later finds out that she was also a robot, which explains her wooden expression throughout (the movie or her entire acting career? ;) ). The mechanical pair live happily ever after.

I can’t wait to see how right/wrong I am ;)

Disclaimer: This post was written purely for humorous purposes. This may or may not reflect the actual plot or storyline. No offence meant to anyone real or imaginary :)

** I have seen the movie now and here is the real review

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