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Yes it’s true. ArunRocks.com is now a truly multimedia site. You can see it in action at http://www.arunrocks.com/gallery. Its powered by Coppermine and GD 2.0. The results are much better than I expected. I cannot wait to integrate it with rest of my site.

Today was Dussehra. Pune was still in the Dhandiya mood and people could be still seen partying at many places. I saw the movie Collateral. It was a very different movie in its genre. Most of the usual clichés are avoided making it a straight to the point - thriller. Tom Cruise and Jamie Foxx make an amazing pair. One flaw could be that the storyline was predictable. You would say that for a thriller, that would be a big minus. Not for this slickly shot movie (80% shot on digital camera and trust me it shows). Every character is fleshed out with elegance and the dialogues are crisp. The best part was this was a morning show, so it is priced half at E-Square. Though, when Abhishek and I had planned this, we never thought we would make it. Mainly due to the fact that our body clocks had gotten so used to UK timings. But we pulled it through.

ArunRocks.com was still having its default green theme of Wordpress for so long, that I decided its time for a makeover. Thanks to B A Khan, I have installed his DarkFire theme. I have also cleaned ugly Word tags from old posts as well. For this I used a wonderful website called Testism. Now I can heave a sigh of relief!

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