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I have also started tagging my bookmarks on Technorati. I suggest anyone who browses often always faces the problem of transferring their old bookmarks. Also, the problem of bookmarks growing much larger than one’s screen height is also a problem ;)

My browsing habits have become more extensive over the last couple of days. Actually, it has just caught up with the times. I mean, we are talking about a generation who has 1324 contacts in their social networking mini-site (i.e. their profile page in a site like www.orkut.com). I have supplemented my news reading with RSS feeds from most major news sites including Hindu. Other than Slashdot.org, I now also frequent Digg and reddit.

All this is thanks to the amazing open source browser Firefox. Unfortunately for 75% of people out there, Firfox is just a browser that has tabs. But few things which Firefox does, I can’t live without is

  • Blocks all kinds of ADs and tremendously speeds my browsing experience.
  • Having keyboard shortcuts for everything speeds it even more.
  • Takes me straight to ‘Printer friendly’ pages, so no more paging around
  • Shows all the downloads in the statusbar

… and much more. Of course all these is because of the extensions

It is so much exciting when websites have sprung up based on simple but strong concepts rather than the all encompassing portal based sites of the dot com days. It is probably what everyone is calling Web 2.0 these days. I welcome this change. Personally, I think has helped budding entrepreneurs like me bring ideas to market thanks to full fledged open source web frameworks like Rails. I have been trying to study Django and Turbogears out there due to my interest in Python (or rather my reluctance to learn Ruby after multiple half hearted attempts).

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Arun Ravindran

Arun is the author of "Django Design Patterns and Best Practices". Works as a Product Manager at Google. Avid open source enthusiast. Keen on Python. Loves to help people learn technology. Find out more about Arun on the about page.

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