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As we walked towards the wooden entrance amidst this forest-like surroundings, we felt suddenly inside a Mayuryan courtyard. A flock of peacocks await us decked in their colorful plumes. What a breathtaking reception to the Loveliest Castle in the World – Leeds Castle. Surrounded by a beautiful lake which functions as a moat, the castle is home to more than 400 birds from all over the world. It affords you a trip back in time when these extravagant monuments built in stone were winter or summer homes. I have never seen the interiors of a palace before and hence the experience was delightful. Typical of any castle every painting had a story to tell. One striking portrait was of three ladies who were erstwhile royal inhabitants. Between them they shared 7 husbands or so. The dominant lady in the picture was a chain smoker and it shows even in the painting. A great deal of information about coat of arms, an inherited symbol denoting a family, is on display. From the wine cellars to creaking banquet halls, a spooky feeling can be felt everywhere, thanks to hundreds of horror movies in such settings. In an unbelievable coincidence, I met Avinash Bhat, my classmate at TAPMI while touring the castle.

Have you ever solved a maze from inside it? Well, maybe if you play a lot of 3D games. It’s easy to get lost in the Leeds' maze made of hedges. But with a little persistence you reach the center with a prized view of the vineyard. The surroundings of the castle is spell binding. It is an ideal place to bring your romantic partner along. Swans, the symbol of eternal love, of different kinds have made Leeds their home. I had Fish ‘n Chips, the national delicacy, for lunch and quite enjoyed it. All in all, a very pleasant trip.

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