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Yesterday in a continuing series to a string of surprise appearances Himanshu Arora, who is another ACON from my previous batch, appeared talking to my PL (Nitin). It seems he is moving in to our project. He came down from Hyderabad and he himself got the news two days back. Now it seems he will join Piyush onsite.

The day before one of my junies needed help in their CRM assignment. I made his day by spewing a couple of pages of some of the best CRM stuff I’ve written, perhaps ever Again, when you get in the flow, there is now stopping, right? Dinky is coming to the DC today and I’m gonna make sure I get some IDs of junies. They seem to be so lazy to mail. Geez, how ironical!

Well, another good news is that, finally, my site appears right at the top if you type Arun Ravindran in google. Try this is really cool! Though there is another Dr. Arun Ravindran and an M.Sc Arun. V. Ravindran (My full name in Infosys!), I actually made it. The Google IPO is out and had a terrible start with the cutting down of the share price. Google is one of my favourite companies and this really broke my heart. I saw ‘Kill Bill Vol 1’ yesterday. The blood fountains and ‘wriggle the big toe’ sequences were typical Tarantino.

Today is the earliest I made to Blore office so far, excluding the first day of course, which is 8:45 pm. I finally shelled out the damn room rent which the receptionist (who BTW is a Kannadiga named Bintage!) was bugging me about. As expected it was too early for office. But anyway, at least, now I know.

These days I’m back to the MBA mode of thought. More business and money minded in every thought, all thanks to Shiv who gave me a reality shock the other day. It was actually not just because of that, we went down to IIMB in Bannergatta Road and got quite disappointed with the infrastructure. It wasn’t a big deal after all. The library had about 0.18 million books and in quite a disarray. I would love to be in my library anyday. But I must say there were some rare books which could have helped for my summer at least. Coincidentally, my “MBA timings” are also back, namely, 5 ½ hours sleep. God! What’s happening to me?

Oops! Time to get back to work. I just finished mastering XML Schemas and Nant, I’ve no idea what’s in store for me today.

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