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TLDR; You can donate easily here

This goes directly to Kerala Chief Minister's Distress Relief Fund. It's easy to use and completely tax exempt. It also welcomes foreign donations.

Relieved to share that most of my family and friends have survived the terrible Kerala floods which has been ravaging for days. Of course, everything is not okay. There is a long and painful road ahead to try rebuild what we have lost. But then there are some losses we might never recover from.

Many friends, colleagues and relatives have been calling from all over the world. Their reactions range from “maybe global warming is real because this is happening everywhere” to “humanity is doomed”. Of course, I am ignoring silly reactions like “must be wrath of god” or “is it fake news”.

Everything these days is seen as a sign of humanity’s impending DOOM. We have sort of turned hollow. Everything seems to be about money or politics. People are supposed to have no other motive or emotion. Forget a soul.

I think we need to remember one really important thing – it is not always about the money. Any species be it animal, bird or insect will help another if they see one of their kind is in trouble.

If an old man collapsed on the road clutching his chest, people wouldn’t first ask which state/country/religion he belongs to before trying to help him. The day we do then trust me we won’t need global warming or even killer robots. Humanity is doomed. Both metaphorically and literally.

Thankfully there is hope. In times of this crisis, I’ve been in constant touch with my friends who are helping in any way possible. Those who can drive are picking up total strangers. Those who can code are rapidly building resilient applications to coordinate rescue. Those who can cook are preparing thousands of food packets and infant food. Even those who cannot afford four square meals a day are donating whatever they can.

Even if there is even one human being somewhere thanking you for your act of kindness, doesn’t it mean something? Isn’t that what the ultimate purpose of our life is - to be useful to someone? To make a difference?

There is an overwhelming humanity around us. And that’s why we will survive. Together.

PS: Please donate wholeheartedly.

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