Yippe! Diwali Ki Chutti!

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Wow, its finally happening. I’m going home for Diwali! A major inauguration happened yesterday, the Phase 2 of Pune DC was inaugurated. Everyone came in ethnic wear. There was a competition for best dressed male and female. It seemed there were too many contenders. Thankfully, we were in the food court all the while, where it was being staged. It was sometimes hilarious with patriotic and clichéd Miss World style one-liners.

I’m writing this from Mangalore all the while thinking about my game project ‘Agony’. Past few days I’ve been reading a lot about MMORPGs. My proverbial fears have turned true. There is deep relationship between EAI and MMORPGs. There is a concept of rules and facts and rule engines here. More than that, making an MMORPG required exhaustive knowledge of many social sciences like history, geography, phsycology etc. Amazing! And how many MBAs are actually making one. Very, very few. Why? Because of the immense depth of knowlegde that can be conveyed by the medium of the game. For e.g. many bright guys (no sarcasm here) in my MBA batch tried to make a financial simulation, but they had very cumbersome tools like Excel spreadsheets. As a result the game was very linear and turn-based (as opposed to real-time). In fact one of our profs tried using a game called MarkStrat (a commercial product nothing close to an MMORPG in terms of UI but a multiplayer simulation nonetheless) and it was a big hit. Many described as the single most important course in Marketing that mattered. So I’m pondering to get behind the camera of a multiplayer game. Lets see how crazy this project gets ;) On a unrelated note, it needs a more telling name, like ‘SimDesh’ or something.

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