Emacs Tip: A Key to open the Current Folder in Windows’

If the over-descriptive title was not enough, this is another one of my tips to use my favorite editor - Emacs. Some of you really liked my earlier post on Emacs tips on Windows, so here is one more tip to improve your productivity.

Most of the time while editing a document, we need to quickly browse the folder of that file. Add the following lines to your .emacs files and so that by just pressing function key F12 you can immediately view its corresponding folder:

;; explorer
;; ----------
;;; Windows explorer to open current file - Arun Ravindran

(defun explorer ()
  "Launch the windows explorer in the current directory and selects current file"
   (concat "/e,/select," (convert-standard-filename buffer-file-name))))

(global-set-key [f12]         'explorer)        ; F12 - Open Explorer for the current file path

A nice extra is that the opened explorer will have the current file automatically selected. Press F12 once in a while, it quickly becomes addictive ;)

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