A Simple Shooter in OpenGL

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It has been a long, long time since I coded anything in C++. It was bound to happen, I kept telling myself. For one I was building Agony, a multiplayer game with 3D graphics. Like the slog overs in a cricket match, my project was also crawling. So today morning when my fingers started itching, I knew that time is ripe for… Agony. Here are the (low-coloured) screenshots for your amusement:


An army of stationary bots with sphere-like weapon (aka a pointed triangle ;)) [1 hrs]


Bots are scattered, but turning and moving! [3 hrs]


The hero has arrived! Arrow keys work [5 hrs]

Well, incase you would like to play this incomplete game you can download it from this link

Agony.zip [137 Kb] (link disabled)

Regarding life, I’m moving out of my guest house tomorrow. It has been 3 months so far. The longest stint in any transfer I’ve ever had in any place. A huge vaccum is being felt. A window of this screen is the most special place in my world, now. I see few words of taunts or liberating rants which my near and dear have to tell me in a box within this 14 inch frame.

No I’m not missing home, but something more. I need to feel achievement pulsing in my blood stream again. I guess I’m addicted to it. :(

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