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I’m becoming too dependent on the Remainder feature of my Nokia. Unless, I do that I risk completely forgetting it. It happened yesterday when I forgot about the dinner and yet, again today, again for the syscom dinner. In fact, I already had a semi-dinner at 6:30 pm.

For those who know me, know that 6:30 is shockingly early for me. Apparently, it was because I woke up at around 6pm after a 5 hour nap. Must have been a result of too much of mulling over during the Ad Management class. Now, that would make any man hungry (or woman for that matter. I’m not a sexist but I really don’t know :) ). It was even better to go out with Govind, because he is such a gem of a person. But not all gems are known to the junta, right?

Thankfully, IK (my fellow syscom guy) reminded me while I was browsing in the CC. The junies had an HR assignment, but they agreed (they are learning to cope ;) ). We went to Pit Stop. I was only guy who went for the non-veg pizza and only guy who said 8" rather than 12". It’s called Chick ‘n Spicy. It was, in my opinion, the best of the four. Karthik ordered a spicy one, and was fuming after the first slice. He was visibly surprised because typically the spicy dishes in most restaurants are not spicy enough for him. Curiously enough when IK tried the same, it wasn’t spicy at all. He commented with a red sweaty face that he must have had the piece with all the capsicum first and that too in quick succession. Probably, but unlikely. “A Learning Experience”, as he put it. TV kept us entertained for a while. There, I made up my mind not to see Monsoon Wedding (for its artificial-sounding and hackneyed Hinglish) and definitely see Rumble in the Bronx (for the amazing antics of Chang). We (senies) gave some gyaan on electives and placements and parted with a glow of satisfaction.

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