End of Training

A long gap indeed. The fact is that I actually forgot about this blog in the first place. Later, I was trying to look for a new site when I retrieved this account from my mail archives.

So where should I start? Joining infy on 3rd of May we had a wonderful start. The one week stay in the hotel (Fortune Katriya) was too good. We expected to stay in Hyderabad for some time so Dinakar, Danny and I found an apartment in Banjara Hills, one of the poshest residential areas. The rent was low, about 4K for a 2 BHK. We found a maid etc but had no plans for cooking. Despite Dan and Dinky being unsatisfied with Mahalakshmi mess, it became “the” eat out for us.

After the one month stint in ES University (headed by Narry), we got our practises allocated. I fancied EAI (Enterprise Application Integration) for its tech appeal and package neutrality. I and another guy from IISc called Arun Prasad and Vinod (plus a lot of red herrings) ran around a lot for it. But only three of us opted for it and subsequently we got it. My posting was in Mangalore with Arun Prasad from the 1st of June. My roomies were in CRM got hyderabad (or so they thought!)

The rest of the story involves a brief stay (10 days) at Mangalore infy guest house and finding a house in a place called Kottara close to Minfy (Mangalore Infy!). Sadly there was no practice specific training. We waited till 21st june when I came down to hyd for TIBCO training in Infy. Today it gets over (last three days was for the mock prj) and it is time to go back.

So its time to pack. This visit to hyd was very fruitful. I brought number of pirated books like “Da Vinci Code” (finished reading), “Hollywood Wives” (used copy), “Handbook of Palmistry”, “End of Shareholder Value” (used) and “Atlas Shrugged”. Moreover went to places like Durgam Cheruvu (romantic area near a lake), Birla Mandir, Birla Mueseum, Sangeeth theatre, Abids Sunday Book Mart, Big Bazaar (Walmart of hyd!!!) and Charminar. I met a lot of old friends who I’d met in TAPMI interview like Vasudha and Ujjval. I made new friends like Suma and Pallavi (classmate of Preethi Raghu, Saras ‘n Woody)

Thats all folks, time to leave!

Please note that I will not entertain any request for TIBCO “training institutes” in response to this post. I simply don’t know hyderabad well enough, not to mention “TIBCO training centres”!

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Posted on: Wed, Jul 7, 2004

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