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It was a really exciting day today. It couldn’t have been at a better place than Bangalore Infosys, the very birthplace of this famous company! I met my delivery manager Abhishek and had a nice conversation with him. If his idea was to drive me, it worked!!! He also kind of liked my suggestions. I also met a senior consultant Rakesh who was so crystal in his concepts that the session was an eye-opener in EAI! He said I could pursue my research in EAI Patterns if I wished. Sounded good to me :). Tday for the first time at work I got a lot of action items, including applying for my visa to UK and Aus. So I felt real good.

I met a lot of people other than that. They had a interesting thing about them… they wanted to do or go exactly where I wanted to. For eg: I wanted to find a block, the person would need to go to the sanme block for something else. These weird coincidences happened 4 or 5 times throughout the day!! I met a lot, I mean a lot of ESU guys and many of them were pleasantly surprised.

I shifted from the main guest house at Adarsh Gardens to a smaller one called Saptagiri. It is more like a small house with a nice mix of resident. Purohit from CCD Calif, his wife and daughter was the first I could meet. Very friendly and sweet family. I met an young Aussie named Brad and he was very conversant. Later I met the remaining occupant another Aussie named Mark. Brad was finding it hard to adjust with Indian food and water, coz of “all the bugs”. He is planning a 3 week trip all over India, of course, including Kerala before leaving for Australia.

My junies mailed me that they are missing me!!! I was in systems committee and it was the underdog. Now it seems it has assumed a prominent position. My portal and the software I’d developed will be used as “TAPMI Intranet” portal. More importantly professors are after it as a learning tool, exactly as I had envisaged. Aint it cool?

So looks like I’ll be here till sunday, thats plenty of time to roam about this Garden City. This is turning out to be one random decision that I’ll never regret.

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