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Quick. Which is the only profession in which you can afford to be wrong every single day? Weather Forecasting, of course. Britain, perhaps by virtue of being an island, has a notoriously varying climate at any given point of time. Most of the time the recorded temperature displayed at train stations is a joke, due to varying winds. It only takes a wrong turn into an alley on a rainy day for you to fall victim to eccentric gales. The only thing predictable about these blasts of chilly air is the direction they choose – Diametrically opposite to the way you hold your umbrella, of course. One of my friends, less familiar with these eccentricities, had to buy 4 umbrellas in one month! Eventually, he got smarter and started using a raincoat.

Sainsbury, the only affordable supermarket here, makes me take a long detour on the way home. Eventually I drag myself up the stairs to my bedroom. I release the bag of groceries from my left hand. As cold as ice, the fingers slowly feel each other’s dulled presence. My right hand was nestled in the pocket of my leather jacket is much more alive. I bring them together. It is almost as if a stranger placed his hand on mine. Next I do what come naturally to me. My rightie deftly massages my leftie back to life.

Today, Dinky (one of my best friends) just told me over messenger an amazing piece of news. He will be traveling to US for a short term transfer. He would be in Texas and staying with his cousins. In fact that is exactly where Archie is. So there you see, world is indeed a small place!

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