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The new looks of the site can be credited to the awesome wordpress plugin K2. It handles AJAX search box at the right column (try it out now :) ), rotates the ArunRocks banner with every page refresh with the pictures that I have shot and of course it has a list of my favourite links at the sidebar.

ArunRocks Logo

Of course, banners are not the only artwork that I did. In fact, I have been thinking about having a cool logo for ArunRocks for sometime now. Something a bit symbolic yet not too abstract. So I kind of thought about the name a bit and came up with the one on the left in about 15 mins on Photoshop.

Try to guess what the logo stands for before you read ahead. The inverted music symbol obviously stands for the two ‘r’s (in small letters) in arunrocks. If you haven’t noticed already Arun Rocks clearly hints at my initials. So the double ‘r’s have a double interpretation here. The letters are tilted and obviously ‘rocking’. The red background is also inspired from the same ‘Rock’ theme. This appears as the icon of this site on your browser, also called the favicon

Arun Ravindran profile pic

Arun Ravindran

Arun is the author of "Django Design Patterns and Best Practices". Works as a Product Manager at Google. Avid open source enthusiast. Keen on Python. Loves to help people learn technology. Find out more about Arun on the about page.

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