Wordpress Plugin: To show category Livemarks in Firefox

Short Description

When you click on the RSS icon in the status bar of Firefox, it automatically “discovers” some feeds for you. Would you like to see every category of your blog appear as a seperate feed in Firefox? If so activate this plugin. And yes, this is my first Wordpress plugin.

You can see it in action at ArunRocks.com

How to Install it?

These are pretty standard.

  1. Download livemarks-0.5.zip. There are no additional required libraries

  2. Copy the livemarks.php file to your plugins folder at \wp-content\plugins

  3. Go to the plugins admin page and activate it

  4. There is no step 4! ;)

Full Description

Users of the Firefox and Opera browsers would familiar with live bookmarks or livemarks. This is a browser’s in built mechanism to keep track of any site’s RSS feeds. For eg: in firefox, an RSS icon appears in the status bar, clicking on which will display a menu of feeds automatically “discovered” by it. Wordpress blogs will automatically have two feeds (varies with the template) - an Atom feed and an RSS feed. This plugin tries to add the following to your list of of “discovered” feeds -

  1. Every category of your blog appear as a seperate feed in Firefox if you are at your blog’s home page

  2. The relevant category of a post will appear if you are visiting a particular post

  3. The comments feed of your blog

I have a problem!

Sorry. Please post any bug reports as a comments here

Version History (Changelog)

v 0.5 (June 23, 2005)

  • Initial version uploaded

Created by

Arun Ravindran

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Posted on: Thu, Jun 23, 2005

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