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This weekend, I was humbled in more ways than one. First while visiting the London Science Museum, when one gets to see a spell binding display of the relentless scientific pursuits of Man. Despite spending a good 2 hours inside, we barely managed to cover the ground floor of this five storied treasure house of knowledge. And second, when I realised that, whenever one feels financially complacent; pay a visit to Harrods and you’ll swear never to use the expression “over-priced” in your life.

Harrods is the world’s most recognised department store spread over five acres right in the heart of London. Here you can see heaps of well earned money frittered over the most trivial or sometimes futile purchases. Like for e.g. in a “Sale” a pen for £250 (twice the price of a mid-range digital cameras) or a coffee table with a chess board print (not even carved) for £10,000. However, what would probably surprise you is - simply, the crowd. Yes, hundreds of rooms filled with buyers busy filling up their umpteenth green ‘Harrods’ shopping bag. If you hadn’t noticed the price tags, this would have passed for an ordinary departmental store.

To Hell with Work: Our Office Building

Rockstars: Anant Me and Sachin

Patient Wait: On the Barbican Highwalk

Few minutes later, you look around. Your fears get confirmed. You are indeed the only person who is not shopping. So, I decide; while I’m here, I better observe the ways and manners of the elite. Most disappointingly, they look exactly like the ordinary London milieu. Most of them in casuals like sneakers (horror!) and jeans. Yes my friends you have to look out for subtle giveaways like designer labels or rolex watches to spot the real cash puppies. Hints that never escape the sharp eyes of the shop assistants. So, if you are the right crowd, you’ll perhaps be treated like a prince (most probably you are already one;) ). But I’m far from one, so…

It made all the Difference: Difference Engine

Cannot Get A More Smoother Finish than this: World most perfect sphere

The Gang at Victoria Albert

The next planned destination - Hyde park, was sealed due to the Live8 concert. Though a major event here, the whole idea seemed shallow and pointless to me. In fact, it was not even a fund raising event like ‘Live Aid’. People seemed to have watched the whole 12 hour show and stayed up most of the night. In fact, I did stay up too, but for my game project :D Was fighting some Ogre-Blender related issues, but I got my issues solved thanks to the excellent Ogre3d support. Yet another day is saved, thanks to the excellent support of open-source projects :).

PS: From now on we can have beautiful category icons designed by Jimmac

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