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Thanks to Dinky (Dinakar) I have discovered a very effective means of “time pass”. The wonderful online community orkut.com. Unfortunately it comes at a time when I work for 14-15 hours everyday. Yes, folks you heard that right. So much for my grand Pune visit right? Well, hope it will stave me away my boredom when I get back to “warming the bench”.

A good news for my Mallu readers is that I’ve made a simple change to my site so that you can see Malayalam text without downloading any extra fonts. Here goes my first line in Mallu:- ????? ?????? ?????? ???????????? ???????? :)) If you are still seeing gibberish, maybe you should try it on Windows XP (Service Pack 2) or upgrade your IE

My personal project ‘Agony’ is taking a back seat because of all this. I must say that I’m getting impressed at The International Functional Programming Contest 2004’s task description.

That’s exactly the way I want Agony to be defined. Mathematically clear. Like Knuth’s style in Art of Computer Programming. Well, need time dudes, need time.

The project I’m happy to say is staying on course due to lot of things committed team members, some good reporting mechanisms and a little magic. The magic is the magic of scripting which is done in VB.Net and Python. Both I have initiated. I’m happy to say that by automating we have achieved a Herculean task in a much abbreviated time. I had already realized the importance of scripting, but now the result is for all to see.

I’m planning to move my blog to a better domain (basically non-free), I’m trying out various options in my home town, Thrissur. I hope to use Blog:CMS which I find to have best feature set somewhat matching my requirements. Rest is PHP hacking which I’m pretty comfortable with. I’ve joined the Indian Bloggers list mainly due to the moderator contacting me spotting me from the Infy Intranet. You gotta see how many Indian bloggers out there. You’ll see me there soon.

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Arun is the author of "Django Design Patterns and Best Practices". Works as a Product Manager at Google. Avid open source enthusiast. Keen on Python. Loves to help people learn technology. Find out more about Arun on the about page.

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