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Here is a belated valentine’s day greeting from both of us.

This photo is a macro taken by Arun

For all my readers, I recommend visiting the microsite I had made earlier. Now it is written entirely in web.py. Thanks to my new website host, A Small Orange, I can create and host python based applications. I agree that there is no need to design a new blog in python again, but it is a great way to learn a new (anti-) framework. Web.py applications are really small and easy to understand and therefore, has less bugs.

Guess what, Jeff Atwood owns an ASUS laptop model (W3J) that is similar to mine (F3J). He is full of praise about the decision. Considering I took at least 2 months (the standard duration for yours truly to zero into an buying decision) to arrive at the decision, it seems well worth now :).

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Arun Ravindran

Arun is the author of "Django Design Patterns and Best Practices". Works as a Product Manager at Google. Avid open source enthusiast. Keen on Python. Loves to help people learn technology. Find out more about Arun on the about page.

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