Wales: The final adventure

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This time I woke up just in time to realize that half of the day was already over. Quick bath (well not so quick), quick packing and quick planning ensued. So we covered north and south, what remains? Right answer, central wales. More specifically the eastern coast. A large part of northern and eastern wales is a national reserve. It is fairly well maintained. It even has the good ol steam engines coaches in them.

Heading towards another coastal toen, we stumbled upon a beautiful place called Aberaeron. The cliff facing the beach was so inviting that we did some rock climbing and a bit of cave exploration as well. It was so pristine and ravishing that we three Bhute, Sauji and myself lost track of time and the other two. Though my mobile worked just fine, theirs didn’t have either the currency or battery charge. We did finally meet at the beautiful seaside. Bhute chalked out the return path and we basically hit Motorway No: 4 back to London.

All in all, a superb weekend; so unbelievably good that no tour package can deliver such a wonderful mix of activities and places. This will be etched in our memories for a long, long time.

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