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This time when I woke up I didn’t find any wonderful vistas; just a Chinese kid staring at my face. I realized I overslept in the lobby. Thankfully, I was tolerably dressed. But my ruffled hair must have given the kid the shock of his life, as he was quickly scurrying towards his mother. It seems I was the only guy who had a good sleep and a long enough sofa. Well, what can I say- tough luck boys.

By midday we started off for Swansea- the coastal paradise in south Wales. I was a drowsy navigator by now and we did take a couple of extra loops than we actually needed. We also stopped by at some important castles (like where Prince Charles was coroneted). Finally we reached the sandy shores of Swansea. It was a wonderful beach, but soon enough I excused myself to explore the city. Well, I know it does sound very convincing but how else one could get the ‘people’ experience. Ok, here is the truth - I badly wanted to piss. There, I said it. Every bloody mall or supermarket was closed, thanks to Easter. I ended up circling nearly the whole of Swansea by foot. In the process found some nice place to hang-out. The act was finally performed inside a disused stadium. Somehow making my way back, my friends did the same act inside a 5 star hotel pretending as interested customers! Meanwhile, something even more interesting happened. The entire beach had disappeared! The sea swallowed it up in high tide, which rose so quickly that Sauji had to remove his shoes while running to prevent them from getting wet!

Thanks to my city exploration, we found some fantastic dance clubs and a fabulous crowd. After dancing to the tunes of our fav numbers and some brain numbing trance, we returned to our hostels. This time, thankfully, we had a bed!

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