How Brits Percieves India

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The image of a typical Indian around the world is increasingly changing to that of a singing, dancing, romancing and festival loving person. Thanks to Bollywood movies, India is perceived through its celluloid dreams, just like once we conceived the West through Hollywood. Perhaps as a testament to that, the following cheeky poster campaign by Kingfisher is being increasingly spotted in Central London. There are others in similar lines, which reminds you of the bright traditional Indian ads.

Kingfisher Poster

Last week, I came to know that the smart phone I was planning for all along – Sendo X2 might never get released at all. Due to administration problems, the company has been taken over by Motorola. Sendo X2 which was expected this month seems to have been shelved indefinitely. Not that I’m dying for a smart phone (which I feel is quite inadequate given today’s technology). But I definitely miss a jazzy looking music player ;-)

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