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AccoladES is a labour of love (and a little boredom) for the past one year. It is a website that I have be designing for the HR department of ES, the largest unit within Infosys. Yesterday it was inaugurated by none other than Mr. N. R. Narayana Murthy. Infosys doesn’t have a 20% rule like Google, but sites and solutions like Accolades are getting more and more recognition these days. It is great for Innovation at Infosys and I hope will go a long way in helping Infy move up the value chain.

NRN inaugurating AccoladES

Sorry for the poor mobile-cam quality! NRN is on the projected screen (top-left). I am behind the lectern (top-right)

Some of the features of the site:

  • Accolades has a Web 2.0 feature called Peer Appreciations for facilitating online appreciations.
  • It runs on ASP (vanilla not .NET) and IIS which can scale up to hundreds of simultaneous users.
  • It has an aesthetically pleasing and minimalistic design

Coincidentally, I was the MC for the event from Mangalore. People seemed to enjoy the way it was presented. Designing websites which was initially just a hobby of mine is already becoming a hot skill these days. I have designed several static and dynamic sites in the last 9 years and consider myself to be fairly good designer. But the real deal seems to be the dynamic aspect of it. Already almost the entire software development community is moving towards web based development. Soon all applications will be purely web based. Developers would be required to be skilled in managing web servers and/or Javascript. Personally, I see a tonne of work coming my way ;)

Not that I am complaining but I also see a lot of MCing coming my way as well!

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